N1BUG Station

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This picture of the shack, taken October 10, 2013, shows the new layout.
The shack is undergoing renovation.

This is a low budget operation. Although I am fortunate to have a very capable station, it has taken over 30 years to get to this point. Much of it is either home built (from scrounged and salvaged bits wherever possible), modified surplus, or resuscitated. The station is still in "recovery" from a direct lightning strike on my home in June, 2007. I was very fortunate! Although there was considerable damage, the irreplaceable items (transceiver, amplifiers, etc.) survived with only minor injuries!


Software is very important in what I do -- namely DXing and some contesting. I use DXLab applications for logging, transceiver control, spotting, distance/bearing calculation, award progress tracking, and many other functions. I cannot say enough good things about DXLab! I would be lost without it! I also find DX Atlas to be invaluable. It interoperates wtih DXLab.

I usually have Loop Recorder running, which is how I captured all of the DX sound files on this web site.

For contesting I use N1MM Logger.

I often hang out on the ON4KST Chat pages.

Note: Just to be clear, I despise all versions of Microsoft Windows. I run Windows only for ham radio activities because unfortunately all the really good DXing/contesting software requires it. I use linux for everything else.

Band Transceiver
2200m Yeasu FT-2000, homebrew converter / QRP Labs U3S beacon
630m Yeasu FT-2000, homebrew converter / QRP Labs U3S beacon
160-10m Yaesu FT-2000
2m Yaesu FT-2000, Microwave Modlues MMT144-28R
2m FM Icom V-8000


Band Amplifier
2200m W1VD Class-D
630m GW3UEP/K5DNL/N1BUG Class-E
160-10m N1BUG design homebrew 4CX1500B
6m N1BUG design homebrew 4CX1500B
2m Modified N4PZ GS-35b


Band Antenna Tower
Low band RX 4 reversible Beverages covering 8 directions, 0°, 45°, 90°, 135°, 180°, 225°, 270°, 315°.   Lengths between 542 and 587 feet
2200m 90 foot vertical with top hat, resonated by variometer at base
630m 90 foot vertical with top hat, resonated by variometer at base
160m 100 foot shunt fed tower (TX-11DX, 6m, 2m beams on top)
80m Inverted V at 104 feet
40m in transition
30m in transition
20m Hy-Gain TH-11DX at 100 feet
17m Hy-Gain TH-11DX at 100 feet
15m Hy-Gain TH-11DX at 100 feet
12m Hy-Gain TH-11DX at 100 feet
10m Hy-Gain TH-11DX at 100 feet
6m Homebrew 7 element yagi at 105 feet
2m Homebrew 13 element yagi at 110 feet
2m FM in transition
5.8G Wifi 24 dBi dish pointed north, at 90 feet

Below is a map showing the arrangement of my antennas.
Color code for location of key items:
    Beverage feed box
    Beverage reflection transformer

Three Beverages are end fed; one is center fed to reduce the length of feedline required.

The aerial photo is somewhat outdated. In 2010 many trees were taken out in the area between the towers and around the N/S, NE/SW Beverage feeds as part of my antenn farm "weed removal" project. More weeds to be eliminated eventually, I hope.

Last update August 13, 2018

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