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N1BUG: Milo, Maine, FN55mf

My interests include 160 meter DXing, VHF/UHF DXing, home building of radio gear, propagation studies, computer programming, hiking and camping in the wilderness, eating (well, that explains a few things), and others.. and not necessarily in that order.

From 1981 when I got my first ham ticket, until 1994 I was QRV from my parents' home in Milo. During that time I worked many different bands from 1.8 to 222 MHz. Most fun of all was 2m EME operation from 1987 to 1994. See photos here. In 1994 I went QRT and have moved several times since 1995. I was able to have a few antennas during 1997/1998 while living in Brownville Junction. In May, 1999 I moved back to Milo, and here I can put up lots of stuff again! So I am now making a new start in ham radio. Lucky for me, I can remember some of the mistakes I made the first time (when things went "BANG" and smoking in the middle of the night, and so on). So maybe this time I can make some new mistakes instead of repeating the same old ones?

From October 1999 until the summer of 2002 I was QRV on 2 meter EME again, using this system. And from March 2003 to February 2004 I was on occasionally with a single 5.5 wavelength yagi (a modified extended CushCraft 4218XL).

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HF Station
I have caught the 160m DX bug again! I have inverted V antennas for 160 and 80 meters. As of December 2004 I have completed a homebrew 4CX1500B amplifier and am now becoming much more active on 160. I hope to try some sort of vertical for the low bands soon.

50 MHz Station
In the Summer of 2003, at the suggestion of several friends, I tried 6 meters again. By relocating the antenna I was able to operate without any problems with neighbors. I have built a new and much better 6 meter antenna, but it is has not yet been put up (as of January 2004). I use the TS-450SAT with a modified Hallicrafters HA-6 transverter and a single 4CX250B amplifier (GE EF-4-A).

144 MHz Station
Modified extended CushCraft 4218XL at 80 feet, with the 4CX1500B at 1.5 kW. This is a 15.3 dBd, 37 foot yagi. The 2 meter transverter is a modified Swan TV-2.

222 MHz Station
I now have a 6.7 wavelength yagi up at 85 feet for this band, and I am very excited about having a reasonably good antenna now! I am using the TS-450SAT with a Hallicrafters HA-2 transverter (converted to 222 MHz), and a homebrew pair of 4CX250B's producing 500 watts. This amplifier is a true "junk box special".

432 MHz Station
Microwave Modules MMT432-28S driving an AM-1178/GRC (4CX250K), 550 watts to a 22 element K1FO yagi with full elevation and a Lunar PAG432 preamp mounted quite close to the yagi feed. I am using this system for QRP EME (details and signal recordings here), and working toward a bigger antenna.

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Here is the World's Most Boring Story

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