2001 October 11 - Saddleback Mtn

Top of Saddleback

  Hiking over Saddleback offers great views

View across valley


  Another view from the summit

Trail just below the summit  

  Saddleback has two major peaks, the highest is 4120 feet and "The Horn" is 4041 feet. Magnificent views while hiking along the alpine summit ridge.  


The Appalachian Trail crosses route 4 a few miles east of Rangeley. Take the AT Northbound (across the road from the parking area).

Trail This was truly one of the best hikes I did all summer! Trail, somtimes steep, somtimes not, makes its way through beautiful forest, passes picturesque mountain ponds, and comes out onto open rock slabs well below the summit. Trail runs along the summit alpine ridge, offering wonderful views for an extended time as you're hiking. Trail 2 Route 4 to highest summit, 5.6 miles; road to The Horn 7 miles. Elevation gain 2500 feet. It is hard to choose photos for this page, as there are too many great ones! If you're only going to hike one mountain in Maine (and it's not going to be Katahdin) I can certainly recommend this place.


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