2001 Aug. 25 - Redington Mtn

View of N. Crocker

  Crocker North Peak as seen from Redington

  This 4010 foot mountain is the easiest hike of the Maine 4000'ers, but doesn't offer many views with its forested summit.  


One mile west of the Sugarloaf/USA entrance on Maine Route 27, turn south on Caribou Valley Road. Proceed 4.5 miles to a small parking area where the Appalachian Trail crosses the road. Hike along the road from that point (optionally it may be possible to drive about 1 mile further to the next intersection, but beyond that point Caribou Valley Road becomes impassable). Cairns and wooden arrows formed of small logs point the way at the remaining intersections.

Cairns There is no formal hiking trail. Follow Caribou Valley Road to its end, then turn right just before the bridge. This turn is marked by a cairn, as are all the other turns on the route to Redington. It is a series of old logging roads most of the way up, with quite a lot of new tree growth starting. The final ascent to the peak is a narrow foot path, easily followed. Path


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