Ah, back to Katahdin, this time to ascend Hamlin Peak...


Katahdin from the Southeast

A view of Katahdin from the southeast. Technically this has little to do with my expedition to Hamlin Peak, as Hamlin is "behind" the peaks seen here, not visible. Baxter Peak is the highest point visible here. The edge of the Table land can be seen to the left, and the Knife Edge to the right.

Hamlin Ridge

Hamlin Ridge, seen here from a viewpoint along Chimney Pond Trail, is the serrated center ridge of the Great Basin (it seperates the North Basin from the South Basin). This ridge would be my route of descent later in the day.

Top of Saddle Slide

Just a few more feet to go to reach the top of Saddle Slide...

Trail toward Hamlin Peak

Take a right at the top of the slide and you're looking at this trail toward Hamlin Peak (the peak is up there on the right somewhere).

View to the southwest from Hamlin Peak

One of many good views from Hamlin Peak. The high plateau on the left is part of the Table Land.

Alpine vegetation on Hamlin Ridge

Enjoy the alpine vegetation while descending along Hamlin Ridge.


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